Understanding some simple thermodynamic principles can help you better understand how your HVAC system works. In this post, air conditioning experts at Anderson Refrigeration, Inc. – Heating & Cooling discuss a few of these ideas.

Heat Follows Cold 

Wherever heat is absent, that’s where it wants to be. Opening the door of an air-conditioned room for long enough on a hot day is a sure way to defeat the purpose of cooling it. This is because heat goes to where it’s cold, and will stop only when the room is the same temperature as the surrounding area; i.e. a non-air conditioned room or the outdoors.

Heat Rises

When heating your home on a cold winter’s day, the heat doesn’t stay inert. It rises and seeks to escape through any holes or gaps it can find, such as the light fixtures on your ceiling. This is why the attic may be hot and upstairs rooms are usually warmer than the areas downstairs.

Now that you know about the behavior of heat through thermodynamic principles, you can benefit by making some adjustments. 

Insulate and Seal

Seal the gaps where cooled or heated air can escape so your home stays comfortable and energy efficient. Apply insulation wherever possible, particularly in the attic. Forced-air ductwork should also be sealed and insulated against air leaks.

Use Shades for Your Home

Never underestimate the natural capabilities of plant life to help cool your home. Preserve trees that provide shade over at least a portion of your home, and use awnings, curtains, blinds and other products to block direct sunlight if your home gets too hot in the summer.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is available for just about any type of furnace. You can save energy and keep your home comfortable with this device. One way to benefit from it is by programming it to lower the temperature in your home before you leave for work, then raise it up again before you arrive back home.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

Replace your HVAC system’s filter every three months or as recommended by the manufacturer. Keep your equipment clean for optimum heating or cooling and maximum efficiency. This will also help keep your indoor air safe for the occupants of your home.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans can aid in cooling you down even when the air conditioner is set at a less power-consuming level. They help circulate cooled air more quickly, as well.

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