Heating contractors understand the need for a properly-functioning HVAC system. At Anderson Refrigeration, Inc. – Heating & Cooling, we encounter all sorts of concerns regarding HVAC systems and what can make them better and more efficient. One of the most common issues we deal with has to do with noises coming from the furnace.

To help you better understand these noises, here are a few of the possible causes:

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New Furnace, Old Ducts

Your HVAC repair technician should inspect your furnace’s blower or fan to see if the noises it’s making are due to vibration. They should also check for a delay in the ignition of the furnace.

When you have a new furnace installed, the old ducts may not be immediately compatible with it. Some alterations or repairs could be needed to prevent them from making a racket. For example, your technician may install a flexible duct connector between the furnace and the ducts to reduce popping sounds.

Ducts Are Too Small

Ducts that are too small for the home often create noises as they’re forced to expand when heat passes through them. To solve this, your heating contractors may suggest removing the old ducts and replacing them with ones that are the right size for your home.

Ducts Are Rectangular

Rectangular ducts create the most noise when they expand due to heat, while square ducts are the second-noisiest. Round ducts are the best shape when it comes to reducing or eliminating noises. You can have your rectangular or square ducts replaced, but the cost might be an issue. In this case, your contractor should be able to suggest a more affordable solution, such as using padding around your ducts, wrapping them in insulation or inserting liners.

Duct Metal is Too Thin

Metal ducts come in various thicknesses measured in gauge ratings. A lower gauge rating equals thicker metal, while a higher rating means thinner metal. The thicker the metal, the less likely it is to expand and create noise. A gauge rating of 24-26 is ideal.

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