Summer’s the busiest time of year for your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, this increased workload can cause problems with your AC system. In today’s article, we’ll explain what causes leaky air conditioners and discuss some of the ways to deal with this problem.

What Is Condensate?

To understand why air conditioners leak water, you’ll first need to understand how they work. When an air conditioner is running, it pulls warm, humid indoor air over a coil of cold tubing. This tubing is cold because it’s filled with refrigerant. The moisture vapor in the warm and humid air condenses on the cold coil and drips into a pan. This water is called condensate. A central air conditioner produces so much condensate that it has to drain down a pipe to the outside of the house.

Why Your Air Conditioner Leaks

When an air conditioner starts leaking water, it’s necessary to determine the cause. For example, the drain line might be plugged with mold and slime, or the condensate pump may have failed. The condensate pan could also be damaged and full of holes. As one of the leading air conditioning and heating contractors in our area, we know how to fix these problems.

How We Can Help You

If the drain line or condensate pan is filled with slime, we’ll wash it out. We’ll also clean out the condensate drain and make sure that it’s clear. If there are parts that are damaged, then we’ll locate and replace them for you. If necessary, we can also inspect the rest of your AC system and check for other problems.

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