Living in an old home enables you to appreciate the history and beauty of its architecture. However, unlike in a modern home, efficient heating and cooling can be difficult to achieve. Fortunately, there are heating and air conditioning options available to help keep the interiors of old homes at the comfortable temperatures all year ’round. Read on below to learn more about them.

Cooling Options for Old Homes

Many older houses were built long before air conditioning became a staple in residential properties, which means they don’t have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate forced-air cooling systems, particularly traditional central air conditioning systems. Fortunately, there are energy-efficient HVAC solutions that can provide for the heating and cooling needs of older homes.

The high-velocity HVAC system is one example. It utilizes a dedicated HVAC unit connected to a mini-duct system. At about three inches in diameter, the ducts are smaller than standard ductwork, which means they can be laid over ceilings and through walls. The ductless mini-split HVAC system is another example. It doesn’t require ductwork and can be mounted on the wall.

Heating Options for Old Homes

Apart from the two HVAC options mentioned above, heating contractors may also recommend radiators as a way to warm the interior of old homes during the cold months of winter. If your home already has a radiator but it’s old and inefficient, you may want to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency model.

A contractor can inspect existing components to find out which upgrades are required and determine if the old system can still be used. In-room radiator units may still be in good working condition, and when combined with a new boiler can provide heating throughout the interior. When it comes to better efficiency, modulating-condensing boilers are a good choice because they only heat the specific amount of water necessary to meet the home’s needs.

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