Running your heating and air conditioning systems accounts for almost half of your annual energy consumption. Fortunately, there are things you can do which may help you save on energy costs. Anderson Refrigeration, Inc. shares tips on how to do so:

Address Insulation Issues — If your home experiences drastic spikes in energy consumption during climatic extremes, such as scorching summer weather, there may be problems with the attic and/or exterior wall insulation. Windows, patio doors and entry doors may have air leaks or be fitted with single-panel glass that permits thermal transfer. Addressing such issues can help reduce indoor heating and cooling requirements by maintaining a more stable indoor temperature.

Properly Size Your HVAC System — A capable HVAC contractor will help you choose the size of HVAC system that’s most appropriate for your home. An HVAC system that’s too small would be redlining all the time just to reach the minimum required temperature, while conversely a system that’s too large would turn off and on too often and consume more energy than it should.

Don’t Skip on HVAC Maintenance — Don’t put off scheduled HVAC maintenance. If you haven’t had an HVAC technician check your system in a while, call a heating and air conditioning contractor and make an appointment. Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system in the best shape possible, which means it’s much less likely to break down when you need it most. It can also help save you from having to pay for an unexpected–and costly–repair or replacement.

Clean Air Filters Regularly — Clogged air filters push your HVAC system to increase its output unnecessarily. Clean or replace your air filters at least once every three months, or once a month during seasons of heavy use. In addition to ensuring an efficient output from your HVAC system, clean filters make it much easier to maintain good indoor air quality.

Use Your Fans — Encourage air circulation by running a fan in addition to your heating or air conditioning system. Fans aid in distributing heated or conditioned air more efficiently and help reduce the amount of time required for your room to reach the desired temperature.

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